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Updates and other projects, 1 Tantrum 2 many.

What we have been up to

It has been quite a long time since I have posted here and although it appears not much has been happening it has infact been the complete opposite. Aside the normal work we do, we have teamed up with others to produce a web series 1 Tantrum 2 Many.

1 tantrum 2 many
1 Tantrum 2 Many

First, rest assurred Pre-Tech isnt or hasn’t gone anywhere. Since the last post, work has certainly picked up which is one of the main reasons we havent been posting here as time simply hasnt allowed me to.

We have taken on more ship and schools aswell as small businesses who need help with either their IT or web hosting etc. We have seen an increase in the private / home user sector with a wide range of computer issues we have been able to help with.


Last year saw our first RetroGameBlast which was a one day event helping raise money for SpecialEffect, we intend to do the same again soon, although we may have missed the boat on a full event for 2020 we still aim to do something and hope to host again in 2021.

One of the other things is as previously mentioned is “1 Tantrum 2 Many” which has become a side project of ours. Its a comedy page in a nutshell, its for parents by parents, not only a place of advice but somewhere to vent. The page includes stories, videos and jokes. One of the main things I am involved with is the production of Audio and Videos that go on the page. I will be involved in setting up the website at somepoint in its future, I also star in many of the videos too! One of the other things it covers is game style reviews of a series we have coined “Best Worst”.

You can currently find 1 Tantrum 2 Many on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

skull house tattoo studio

Busy Busy Busy Part III

The Skull House Tattoo Studio brand new website

Our newest website for The Skull House Tattoo Studio went live today. There is still a bit of tweaking and a couple of pages to be added but the bulk of the site is ready for public viewing.

The website has so far been one of my more funky designs. The couple who own and run the Studio had a good idea what they wanted for their website and have been a joy to work for.

Skull House is a Tattoo studio based in Shirley, Southampton. Owned a run by a lovely married couple who certainly know their stuff, feel free to check out their website HERE.


busy busy busy

Part 2

The second of the websites is now live. BusyBee Millbrook a preschool based in Southampton.

BusyBee Millbrook

A wonderful colourful site for a wonderful colourful preschool!

We had to resort to a fair bit of stock photography (thank you to all the wonderful photographers and artists on Pexels) this was done to largely safeguard the children, there are however many wonderful pictures in the gallery that show you the school and the setup, including the lovely garden they have.

You can check them out here.

Busy busy busy!

Been a while, but still been busy

Its been a while since our last update (last being RetroGameBlast, which we managed to raise nearly £300 for SpecialEffect) but rest assured we have been quite busy.

We have since been working on three websites, one of which is now ready and out there. Here is JJ Mechanical Centre.

JJ Mechanical Centre, based in Bitterne Southampton.

You can view the site here.

They opted for a nice clean site, with plenty of information on their services. If you have one of their flyers, they will give you a discount across their services.

Hopefully the next one will be ready to go in a few days and the next one a few days after that!

Here is to more busy months!


RetroGameBlast ’19 Southampton

A picture of the RetroGameBlast Flyer.

It may appear that we have been quiet for a little while, I can assure you this wasn’t the case! Aside from our normal work load we have been gearing up for this years RetroGameBlast where we hope to raise money for SpecialEffect.

It will be on the 16th of Feb and held at the Saints Pub Function room here in Southampton.

RetroGameBlast will start at 12 mid-day for most of the day, you can get more up to date information from the Facebook page here.

We hope to see many of you there!