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And we are back!

Not mine. May as well be however.

Thankfully managed to borrow a laptop which I am managing to sort out at this moment in time.

Due to Facebook typo and fact we found a PerTech 27 miles away from me; I have renamed to PreTech. I have acquired the domain name http://www.pre-tech.co.uk and also this blog will be http://pretechblog.co.uk I have yet to sort out the forwarding and name servers but these will be working properly within the next couple of days.

I am also able to get back into the website building and hopefully get that done within the next couple of days.

But it is offical PreTech is open and ready for business.

Busy Busy Busy

Has been a couple of days longer than expected between posting but have been quite busy for one reason…

My business plan has been accepted.

I now have I think roughly two weeks to get everything set up. Still working on websites and have settled on this one http://pertech.org.uk/pertech

Figured to visit the local tax office and learnt they had moved so I figure I will do that all online and just ring if I get stuck.

Also been chasing up whereabouts I can advertise cheaply. From shop windows to parish magazines.

Has Logo!

Once he has his page up to link to I cant quite credit the guy who designed my logo for me so expect links soon.

However; here we go first unveiling of the logo…

(Drum roll)

logo design
PerTech PC Service

It is currently on the site here: http://pertech.org.uk/pertech/

Also today saw a business adviser today at Enterprise First. Confusingly he pointed out some issues that the previous guy hasn’t although nothing major at the moment. Has certainly given me a lot to think about.

Websites while I wait

While I wait to hear back from my mentor which will be when he hears back from the assessor hopefully mid next week, I have been working on my own website. Had two idea’s but think I’m going to settle for the first one but still planning on building both. As then that’s two sites to the portfolio so to speak.

The first one you can find here: http://pertech.org.uk/pertech

First site draft
This is how it currently looks but I believe this will be the one I settle on.

As you can see its lacking any real content and just have random place holder images. At some point hope to see my logo in the top left there. Most of the place holder pages are there just no content on them yet. Currently working on those.

Second one is at: http://pertech.org.uk/pertech2

Second attempt website
This started as a good idea but I don’t think will work as well

The concept was to have a grid if say 3×3 the font would have to be changed and have my logo as the background image.

However as someone pointed out “It looks a bit wedding photographer…” Which I can kinda see what they are saying. So instead of ditching it I am going to build it but as a stock website to show potential clients.

I am however quite confident with the first one. This of course is all subject to change. At least aim to have a website up and running come the 5th of Feb anyway.

It has been sent..!

Sent in
Just wrong isn’t it?

It has been sent! Again fingers crossed!

As of yesterday my draft of the business plan (version 3.1 technically!) The third one was great and just a couple of minor corrections that took no more than five minutes to change.) Has been sent for assessment.

I should hopefully hear back by mid-next week.

The waiting is going to kill me however but now I can dedicate my time to building my own website as I keep telling myself.

Now the fun also starts to start getting my name out there so I can start pulling in clients. This is what its all about at the end of the day.

Still knowing it has been sent is in itself a bit of a relief. I know my mentor Tim Light wouldn’t have sent it off if he believed it wasn’t good enough to be sent in so to speak.

I am going to start taking in bookings if any of you are kind enough to share this or my Facebook page or even just tell people I would be most grateful.