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Its finally happened! I have moved!

Stock pictures for “moved” were quite boring. So used this one instead.

What an exciting time it has been! Not just the whole moving/moved thing but where my life has been headed lately has only been completely positive and excited to see what the future brings!

Over the course of next week expect to see more Facebook type things for you all to share (and I would really appreciate that if you could) as I start to push Pre-Tech further.

Here’s to an exciting time to come!

When things go broke and you haven’t even started.

If anyone tried to access this blog today. They wouldn’t have got very far. I just had to verify who I was to my webhost and explain what it is I am doing. While waiting for that to happen they switched everything of mine off.

Managed to sort that however. Wouldn’t be reading this I guess if I haven’t…

Today I set out to do some research in the wonders in public liability insurance.  What I thought was a minefield was really quite painless. I started using those compare websites just to get the general feel and now plan to check those companies who aren’t on those price compare sites and see how they stack up.

Worst case situation is i’m looking at about £13 a month which is a lot better than I first thought.

Also been setting out my office space today.

Home Office
Home Office

I have the coolest office ever as I have this behind me.

Handy for stress
Handy for stress


Getting things into motion and pretty much starting as I mean to go on. Tomorrow is discovering who the competition around here is. May make some phone calls…