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SSL and the dangers of miscommucation

SSL you have probably heard of it, but do you know it is?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a standard security that establishes encrypted links between your browser and the website. The idea being everything between you and the website is safe and secure from malicious  third parties trying to get your personal details.

Not that long ago, Google made it so websites with SSL installed ranked higher than those that don’t and then in July 2018 Google updated Chrome to tell you if the site didn’t have SSL or not.

Then we got adverts from Barclays like this:

Its pretty much telling you to not buy from anyone without SSL, in a nutshell.

Now, at the time of typing the Pre-Tech main page does not have SSL, simply as the website does not require the user to hand over any information at all. It provides who we are, a list of services and the many ways a customer can contact us. Once a client contacts us, everything is either done face to face, email, Facebook messenger etc all these things have their own security in place to keep the user safe.

But right now, I am looking at the various SSL options out there as simply, browsers now mark me as “unsafe” and it effects my Google rankings.

This is what it looks like Chrome

However, the importance for SSL in eCommerce is highly important as it protects your credit card information as you send it over to the website, which is a good thing.

However, my issue with SSL is how easy it is for someone to obtain it. If you have brought a hosting domain with anyone chances are you have already been emailed about getting SSL. Even if its just for Google rankings and remove the “Not secure” thing off the browsers, The issue here is anyone can get one.

The advert fails to point this out. Doing my own research I can get a bog standard SSL for two years at just over £10. Now if I can do that, so can everyone else.

Basically, if you go to an online shop with SSL and order something, there is no guarantee that the seller will actually honour sending you the goods. Basically, people can use SSL to make themselves look legit, fooling the potential buyer handing their money and never receive the service or goods they wanted to purchase.

Yes SSL is important, but research first. If you come across a website that’s selling something at a to good to be true price, just because it has SSL and the padlock icon, does not mean its legit.

Google is a fantastic search tool, use it to find out more about the business your about to use.

At some point in the very near future the Pre-Tech page will have its SSL to help it up Google and I will advise my website clients accordingly to what best suits them. If you are planning to open an online shop then yes SSL is a must.


Looking back…

I have been looking for pictures to design sprites recently for a separate project. As it involves 80’s era style computers I have been looking at pictures and prices of machines back in the day. So for fun i’ll thought id post a few that I’ve found.

Looking back
This was the bee’s knee’s back in its day.


Looking back
Intel 386 Processors. Multiple core was just a distant dream!


Looking back
You know you want it.


Looking back
In its day, these prices seemed reasonable.


Looking back
Did the turbo button ever really do anything?


Looking back
Before PCIx there was AGP, before AGP there was PCI and before PCI there was ISA.


Looking back
Good deal for 33MHz huh?


Looking back
Even WIndows had to start somewhere.


Looking back
The Sinclair ZX81. This is the very machine I started on when I was a child. A whole 1K of RAM expandable to 16K!


Looking back
And this was what games looked like on the ZX81.

If its broken don’t bin it! Donate it!

If you have old, broken or past it computers or laptops taking up space which you don’t know what to do with. Or maybe you are about to take them to the dump and let them go peacefully to calculator heaven? Or just about to leave it at the front of the house hoping some dude on a bike will be along shortly and take it away?

Broken computer
I reckon if I try a reinstall?

Instead consider donating it Pre-Tech! We have started a project that requires dead hardware and I am not talking about taking the working bits out of five to make one good one.

I want dead parts.

I want your dud graphic cards, your fried motherboards, your “opps maybe I shouldn’t have overclocked it that much” CPU’s. Anything is a consideration.

So before you send your broken parts off to the great skip in the sky, drop us a line.

We’ll even pick it up for you.


Joys of costing

Hurrah for generic stock photography!
Hurrah for generic stock photography!

Now over the worst of what was my cold. Which quite frankly was horrible. Meant I could sit down and spend time going over my service prices.

At the moment this list is far from finished at prices subject to change but be nice to get a feel of what people think.

Operation Installation: When I consider the dreaded “it needs to be formatted…” I consider the OS installation to include its service packs and drivers. However more and more computers are being shipped with no Windows disk anymore; rather there is a recovery partition on the device which is used to restore back to how it was the day you got it. Emphasis is now on user to backup their own system to retain a copy of their Operating System to be able to use should the partition backup fail. For standard Windows installation from disk after looking whats out there £25.

Operation Installation: Again?  But this time from the backup partition. This service would also include making that backup for the user also. As well as make sure everything is up to date Operating System wise again £25 for the service.

Fault Finding: Those moments when something just happens… That per verbal “It wasn’t doing that yesterday…” This is where something has happened. Something has broken and you don’t know what it is. Let me have a look for £20 and it’ll include everything from the next bit.

Maintenance: This is that odd service I see every PC guy offer and yet only really ends up as a freebie to another service (see above.) We all know what it entails; defrag, AV scan and general clean up and emptying of temp file’s. Yet never in my entire career have I’ve been out-rightly asked if I could scandisk and defrag a system by itself. Although I am sure there will be a first. For this I think £15 by itself.

Virus Removal: To be honest, again I see it offered everywhere but mostly consider this under the Maintenance part at £15 unless the virus has made a meal of the Operating System and has been left unchecked then obviously need to discuss needs with the client.

Hardware Swap/Change/Upgrade: For pretty much anything that isn’t a motherboard swap £25 and that includes all up to date drivers etc and Maintenance thrown in on top.  Motherboard/Case swaps at £30 simply because in layman terms its more fiddly. Not to mention to get it out to begin with normally results in everything else needing to come out anyway.

System Builds: Not currently in a position to offer hardware myself but can price up a system for clients and source out best prices and then build the thing and do the Operating System install and drivers etc all for £50 the consultation part is free.

Data Recovery: This is one of the first of the Data Management services being offered from the get go. It’s also one of the few things that speaks for itself in all honesty. After having a look at the prices out there and jaw having hit the floor a few times at how much some of them are. I’m starting at £40

This is just to begin; more to follow. Once I thought about it some more anyway…