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New Game Release for Easter!

New game release for Easter!


Todd Bunny’s Easter Adventure!

Meet Todd!

This is the first release of Easter Adventure on PC. Its a free game from Pre-Tech designed especially  for  children out in time for Easter.

Guide Todd and help him find all 30 of the Easter Eggs that have been hidden by the nasty trolls.

Princess bunny needs Todd to find all the eggs so she can have her Easter party!

Have fun in Todd’s colorful world.

This is version 1.0 so expect “some ” bugs,  nothing game breaking has been discovered through play testing.

On the same subject, Great British Adventure is still ongoing and taking a lot longer than we first anticipated.  We are however committed to getting it released as soon as it is ready however.

So, if you would like to join Todd on his adventure, you can grab it from the main Pre-Tech site here  or  if you would rather a direct download you can go here.

We are also undergoing another project to raise awareness of online safety. We will be looking for beta testers on that one in the next few months.

Watch this space 🙂

Great British Adventure update!

Update to Great British Adventure!

It has been a long time coming but recently I have had the chance to sit down and start working on the game titles again. With the last Madhouse update out the door (you can download here) it was time to turn my attentions onto some of the other projects I have been working on. Mostly Great British Adventure.

Over head view of the current map in the editor.

As you can see, progress is being made on what has turned out to be a rather large section. This will now become the main section within the game and there will be quests to complete before moving on.

Here’s some more screens from the new update for you 🙂

City looks cold, lonely and not a nice place to visit…


Demons now in the update with the zombies!


The quarantine wall next to the starting location.


The last thing I did before posting here was edit the fog to make it less intense. I think it works better now.


Great British Adventure still lives! I was toying with the idea of making the first two sections which are more or less complete into a demo. That would be one HQ and one Land section to play about on.

Watch this space 🙂

New Version of Madhouse now ready to download :)

Madhouse update ready for download



Grab it today, its free!

Madhouse Descent’s newest update is now ready for you to download, completely free! You can grab it from here.

Albeit this version has taken a very long time to get out there, I have been slowly working through it and here it is ready to play 🙂

Madhouse itself has been a lot longer in development than I originally anticipated. A lot of what I wanted to do has never really made it in to the final version of the game. I know it is never going to set the world alight and once you have done it, its done so to speak. But it was fun and I have a few more bigger and better ideas I hope to realize soon.

Great British Adventure is slowly taking shape and another I hope to get “out the door” soon. There is also a third project specially for the little ones in your life that is near enough there. It just requires my poor suffering other half to do the voice over work for the bunny princesses (yes, you read that right…)

So without further ado, pop along to the main site, grab yourself a download of Madhouse Descent and (hopefully) enjoy.

A pen and paper might help.


Madhouse Update released!

Madhouse Descent first update

Now available!

Its finally here! The update for Madhouse Descent has finally been released.

The downside is the maze has been removed until further notice so this is still classed as beta. A couple more things need to be ironed out so hopefully the next update will be the full release 🙂

You can download the release here. Or pop along to the main site at http://pre-tech.co.uk 🙂

Feel free to download and try it out, feedback welcome 🙂

Great British Adventure update!

A Great British Adventure progress update!

With some screen shots!

With Christmas nearly upon us, we have been dealing with orders for the yuletide season which means game development has slowed down. But not stopped 😉

Great British Adventure has been plodding along in its development quite nicely. If you have been following its progress you would have seen the screens of the road system that will make the town in the second section. Admittedly it did look quite bare, but we have been working on that!

great british adventure
Everywhere needs a creepy disused children s play area.

Above is the second version of the creepy playground. (The title picture was the first version.) Includes creepy child laughter when you investigate!

great british adventure
First zombie wave in the update.

The first set of Zombies have been added in the update. As well as a shotgun to deal with the issue at hand…

great british adventure
First section of buildings going in.

The first section of buildings have gone in. Above you can see the church were you meet the first zombie wave.

Hopefully more to show you again soon 🙂