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Social Networking. Fun for the modern age.

I figure its about time I set up the WordPress Jetpack thing and automatically connect to the various social networks. Without having to click an extra button to do the same job.

Social Network strip
Kinda sums up social networking.

I was using the EMailit sharing system but that seems to have gotten a tad “bloaty” recently and as the Jetpack service is offered freely with WordPress I figure give it a go and let it connect to all the social networks I am connected too for Pre-Tech.

This is a good excuse to break out some links…





While all this social networking malarky has been going on I am in the last week of my move and will soon have a new office space set up and ready to go!

Exciting times!

Meanwhile cracking on again with my own site (yes its getting there) and Aussiejax.co.uk is about to go live within the week.

All the while still running offers on Data Recovery and hopefully will be attending more networking events soon!

Locked, cocked and ready to rock.

Handy links and listing part 2

Listing Links
Well. Stock photo for this wasn’t easy

As I have been trying to add myself to as many free listings as possible. Thought best to share what I have been finding.

Applegate www.applegate.co.uk
Pinbud www.pinbud.co.uk
City Listings www.city-listings.co.uk
Scoot www.scoot.co.uk
Cylex UK www.cylex-uk.co.uk
BizBuzz www.bizbuzz.com
Qype UK www.qype.co.uk
Local Data Search www.localdatasearch.com
Touch Local www.touchlocal.com
Biz Wiki UK www.bizwiki.co.uk
Hotfrog UK www.hotfrog.co.uk
192.com www.192.com
118.com www.118.com
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com
Yelp www.yelp.co.uk
Yell www.yell.com
BrownBook www.brownbook.net
Opendi www.opendi.co.uk
FreeBD www.freebd.co.uk
B99 b99.co.uk
Enter UK www.enteruk.co.uk
UK Local Search www.uk-local-search.co.uk
Look Trade www.look-trade.co.uk
Business Line Directory www.businesslinedirectory.com

I am still adding myself to all of these. However other places to list yourself for free and where I am currently listed (this is getting added to however).


Friday Ad

Free Ads

Yell.com/Yellow Pages/Hibu

Totally Free Local Ads

Small Business Ads


Free Index

Southampton Online Guide

Not forgetting the various Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

And cannot stress this last one enough…

Google Places

And get a Google listing page like this one: Pre-Tech’s Google Plus Page.



This is the 50th post so figure to give it its own thing.

Its fifty at least!

Doesn’t make it terribly interesting however. Albeit fifty is a big number isn’t it?

I have spent longer than planned getting the laptop up and running but after a setback glad to say everything is just about where it should be.

My first trickle of clients have started coming in and about to blitz the joys of facebay and gumtree etc.

Aside one or two issues however so far so good, have to dash back into work and things now.

Social Media, This is my Soapbox

Today I took a break from Business Plans and Cash Flows to work on that other thing.

You know it well
You know it well

Social Media.

Now this blog serves purpose. Telling everyone what I am up to to begin forming that word of mouth. Idea being that people will hopefully share. More or less every post I make goes out over Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin with that sole purpose in mind. Just get myself out there.

Social Media is now so ingrained into everything Facebook is now getting used as a verb. “I’ll ring you…” is slowly being replaced with “I’ll facebook you…” gives an idea how widespread it really is.

Personally I dislike the idea and concept behind Facebook. Too many people seem willing to show their entire life to just about anyone takes away those few precious moments we have as once they go on Facebook etc they aren’t yours anymore. They belong to everyone in a sense. For some stuff okay but for everything?

It amazes me the amount of people who click Like on just about anything. Those prize draw things for example. Its generally accepted that most of these aren’t prize draws and yet everyone “Shares” their chance to win to something when in reality its doing nothing more than free advertising for the ones hosting the “prize draw”.

Coke Cola have this down to a fine art with their name thing on the side of bottles. Why pay millions for advertising when people will gladly take a picture of their name on the side of a Coke bottle and upload to it to Facebook.

I am possibly having a rant…
I am still trying to finish my Linkedin profile…