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Eye Eye

Have been in hospital as an outpatient for them to check over my right eye. Although I have mentioned this before I shall recap as best I can.

Last August my Retina fell off.

Found a video to hopefully explain it better than what I can.

For me this resulted in two operations on my right eye. The first was just lasering the tear. I was told then by the retina eye guy that this is the biggest tear he has seen. Filled me with hope…

I was booked to come back within the week to check to see if the scaring has taken and how the healing is going. I was on route to that said second appointment when I lost all sight in that eye totally.

I managed to get  there okay and said to the receptionist what had just happened. To her credit she was pretty spot on she called through for a nurse to see me asap and that’s pretty much what happened.

They had to ultrasound the eye. What happened is that the tear re-tore itself and my eye had filled with blood.

I had the operation that evening. They drained the eye this was followed by reattaching the retina to the back of the eye and finally had a gas bubble inserted. The gas bubble was to slowly dissolve and for about six weeks all I could see was my bubble even with that eye shut.

All done on a local may I add.

This will result in a third op as what they did to repair the retina will cause a cataract to form. Its just a case of it forming and then it’ll be removed.

I have oddness in that eye now I have just been told to grim and bear. Ocular Migraine like effects, haloing and oddly my eye flashes when I get an SMS come through on the phone. Odd shimmering effects more so when in the dark. I have new glasses that help no end for working with computers as without them I don’t think I could. But I can so all is good 🙂