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Joys of costing

Hurrah for generic stock photography!
Hurrah for generic stock photography!

Now over the worst of what was my cold. Which quite frankly was horrible. Meant I could sit down and spend time going over my service prices.

At the moment this list is far from finished at prices subject to change but be nice to get a feel of what people think.

Operation Installation: When I consider the dreaded “it needs to be formatted…” I consider the OS installation to include its service packs and drivers. However more and more computers are being shipped with no Windows disk anymore; rather there is a recovery partition on the device which is used to restore back to how it was the day you got it. Emphasis is now on user to backup their own system to retain a copy of their Operating System to be able to use should the partition backup fail. For standard Windows installation from disk after looking whats out there £25.

Operation Installation: Again?  But this time from the backup partition. This service would also include making that backup for the user also. As well as make sure everything is up to date Operating System wise again £25 for the service.

Fault Finding: Those moments when something just happens… That per verbal “It wasn’t doing that yesterday…” This is where something has happened. Something has broken and you don’t know what it is. Let me have a look for £20 and it’ll include everything from the next bit.

Maintenance: This is that odd service I see every PC guy offer and yet only really ends up as a freebie to another service (see above.) We all know what it entails; defrag, AV scan and general clean up and emptying of temp file’s. Yet never in my entire career have I’ve been out-rightly asked if I could scandisk and defrag a system by itself. Although I am sure there will be a first. For this I think £15 by itself.

Virus Removal: To be honest, again I see it offered everywhere but mostly consider this under the Maintenance part at £15 unless the virus has made a meal of the Operating System and has been left unchecked then obviously need to discuss needs with the client.

Hardware Swap/Change/Upgrade: For pretty much anything that isn’t a motherboard swap £25 and that includes all up to date drivers etc and Maintenance thrown in on top.  Motherboard/Case swaps at £30 simply because in layman terms its more fiddly. Not to mention to get it out to begin with normally results in everything else needing to come out anyway.

System Builds: Not currently in a position to offer hardware myself but can price up a system for clients and source out best prices and then build the thing and do the Operating System install and drivers etc all for £50 the consultation part is free.

Data Recovery: This is one of the first of the Data Management services being offered from the get go. It’s also one of the few things that speaks for itself in all honesty. After having a look at the prices out there and jaw having hit the floor a few times at how much some of them are. I’m starting at £40

This is just to begin; more to follow. Once I thought about it some more anyway…

If Anyone Fancies Helping…

Yup; its the Paypal donate button. “He’s asking for help…”


The more I look into the things the more my initial costing is going to be. Ideally trying to get as much done myself as possible. Its becoming increasingly obvious I need some help.

I hate asking but if any kind reader has a spare pound, dollar etc it would be most kind and very welcome.

Another Day yet Unlike any Other.

Got back into the swing of things today.

Been going over my cash flow and profit and loss spreadsheets and so far I think so good. Going to get all this hopefully checked over in the new year.

Still unsure of name and what to write in the Executive Summery section but I do have some time left so I think I’m gonna be okay.


And also today I find one of my dearest friends in quite a bad situation. So; talking to you now hun… I would go as far as publicly announce on this blog that you have all my support. I promise you that and you know who you are 😉