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Morning musings and websites

A musing frog. Apparently.

As I sit here this Tuesday morning musing on what is, what was and what is still to come.

Past couple of weeks I have been on the defensive against the DWP and more specifically Jobcentre+ (I’m clueless to why they have put the + on the end.)

This leads me to the New Enterprise Allowance scheme in general and starting to question its aim to help start ups. As I am sat here musing…(anyone who knows me knows I am really good at musing) I have never spoken to anyone at a head office that works for anything to do with NEA.

However it is there. I know its there as the Jobcentre have to contact them directly. Us public can’t and nor can they by all accounts. Every time I spoke one of the managers at Southampton JCP they keep mentioning they need to send an email to the NEA people and as I also found out the Jobcentre can’t contact them direct either.

Now Enterprise First and the people who help the startups on the New Enterprise Allowance so I contact them. They told me straight they will not give me a contact number for NEA head office.

So what gives?

NEA and Enterprise First will tell you it is your local Jobcentre that deals with it. Dealing with them I found out more or less every member of staff I spoke too either at Bernard Street or over the phone didn’t know what NEA was. Only the manager (a chap called Glenn) and some guy called Richard (who claims to work directly with NEA) are about the only two who really knew. The rest of the staff seem oblivious to what it is.

This makes things really difficult when trying to talk to them. One of the first questions you get asked is “Whats your signing on day?” my answer is “I don’t sign on, i’m on NEA”. This normally gets either a “Whats that?” or “JSA?”

I have been told to write a letter of complaint (again) about my client adviser so been musing over that one. Its one of those moments I know I should but not entirely sure I can be bothered. They have cost me at least two clients now (long story, a blog post for another day.)

With all this aside I have recently been approached by a local charity who need a website. That’s brilliant but brings me back to my own site and how underdeveloped it is. As I promised myself I am back on my own site getting it fixed and looking better and getting content on as if more people are coming to me for web work…

One had better show he can do it.

Forgiving, forgetting and other stuff.

My one of these is defective. Refund?

It has been a while since my last post and never really intended to leave it this long. It isn’t because I have forgotten or forget.

Maybe I have. Thing is I am not too sure.

This past month my own health took a downward turn. Hence why there hasn’t been an update in awhile. I have indeed been between local GP, doctor’s in the hospital and a lovely visit to Accident and Emergency.

They are currently eliminating the possibility of a foreign mass inside the brain. Not forgetting the other things it could be but they seem to want to check this out and soon I hear about my CT scan.

Obviously this has effected the day to day running of Pre-Tech.

However. I do not intend to stop. I had my couple of weeks getting myself sorted and the best thing for me to do is get on with what I do best.

Pre-Tech isn’t going anywhere. Nor am I. Quite determined about that. When the Easter Bank Holiday is over I intend to keep doing what I do and keep the nation’s computers fixed 😉

With that in mind, currently running a deal for Windows/Operating System re-installations. Including drivers, updates and base software (AVG/Avast, Adobe Reader/Flash player, Java etc) and a system check all for £25

And hope you all had a happy Easter 🙂

Eye Eye

Have been in hospital as an outpatient for them to check over my right eye. Although I have mentioned this before I shall recap as best I can.

Last August my Retina fell off.

Found a video to hopefully explain it better than what I can.

For me this resulted in two operations on my right eye. The first was just lasering the tear. I was told then by the retina eye guy that this is the biggest tear he has seen. Filled me with hope…

I was booked to come back within the week to check to see if the scaring has taken and how the healing is going. I was on route to that said second appointment when I lost all sight in that eye totally.

I managed to get  there okay and said to the receptionist what had just happened. To her credit she was pretty spot on she called through for a nurse to see me asap and that’s pretty much what happened.

They had to ultrasound the eye. What happened is that the tear re-tore itself and my eye had filled with blood.

I had the operation that evening. They drained the eye this was followed by reattaching the retina to the back of the eye and finally had a gas bubble inserted. The gas bubble was to slowly dissolve and for about six weeks all I could see was my bubble even with that eye shut.

All done on a local may I add.

This will result in a third op as what they did to repair the retina will cause a cataract to form. Its just a case of it forming and then it’ll be removed.

I have oddness in that eye now I have just been told to grim and bear. Ocular Migraine like effects, haloing and oddly my eye flashes when I get an SMS come through on the phone. Odd shimmering effects more so when in the dark. I have new glasses that help no end for working with computers as without them I don’t think I could. But I can so all is good 🙂

In the beginning…

One thing I seldom mention is my disability. I was living a normal happy go lucky life up until my mid-twenties when I had an accident. I posted this story on Facebook  not so long ago and figured I should post it here.

I took this some time ago on my phone. Like most things I do on my phone… Totally forgot about it. I lived in this place ten plus years ago. This was one of two homeless hostels I ended up in. Albeit I was in this one twice.

It was the old YWCA building just off London Road in Southampton. They recently knocked it down and now being made way for a new housing project. I happened to be passing at this moment…

Now a building site. This was the old YWCA
Now a building site. This was the old YWCA


The flat in the middle; with the doorway, that was my old flat. Half of it is now rubble and what you see there would have been my kitchen.

However. This is the place I was living when I had my accident that screwed my back over. That bulldozer is sat on what was the stair case and landing where I had my accident.

Since then I was told to get used to being in a wheelchair. It took many months of physio and regular visits to the Royal South Hants Pain Clinic (now in Southampton General I believe) but I’m not in a wheelchair. I have to rely on crutches at the moment however and still been practicing so I can get it down to one crutch to hopefully a stick.

Crutches are legendary pains in the ass however.

Joys of Bernard Street

Anyone in Southampton who has had dealings with DWP and the Benefit system will know Bernard Street. If your signing on this is where you have to go.

Helpful, happy, polite and satisfied. Words not associated with this place.
Helpful, happy, polite and satisfied. Words not associated with this place.

While I am on the lead up to NEA I still have to sign on up to the 5th of Feb. Although I am technically no longer “job seeking” as the business plan and prep are consider my job search and exempt from the whole Job Seeker slave diary of doom.

Although I still fill mine in. I figure it doesn’t take ten seconds to write something about the business plan in a line what I am doing. I figure all bases covered with this lot.

The wonder JSA slave diary.
The wonder JSA slave diary.

Hopefully I wont be in there long this afternoon but here goes anyway.