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This is going so differently to how I originally thought I would be doing. I am actually well ahead of my own plan. First draft of business plan really just needs the first attempt at my forecast. I can more than likely do that by the end of this week at this rate.

Planning people! Its amazing stuff! Totally recommend it!

With a first draft plan nearly ready and as today officially marks the beginning of my second week on the course I have seven weeks left from today. I think the phrase I am looking for is “OMGWTFBBQ”.

Started checking out grants today there appears to be plenty of help out there and it all appears to be handled by local council’s. I am sure there are schemes and other things in place but it seems the local City Council do appear to have a fair bit of help. If you look in the right places and ask the right questions of course. Once I suss that part out i’ll let you all know accordingly 😉

Licenses was something else I have been looking into today. Although my line of work along as I am insured I am generally going to be okay but there is a couple I believe I need to apply for. I may have to collar my mentor for this. (If your reading this Tim…..)

Also today caught up with Sis for the first time in a while.

Your doing much better sis 🙂

Southampton Gateway

A place that strikes fear in anyone living in Southampton. Southampton Gateway or a posh name for a posh building that everyone else would call Local City Council.

Dante's seventh circle
Dante’s seventh circle

Gateway is the place you will go to in Southampton for help towards your rent and council tax in various forms and flavors depending on your situation.

Most benefits automatically qualify.  At this moment in time as I receive JSA for the next eight weeks I do qualify for help. What happens after that was a bit of a mystery.

For anyone thinking of going self employed and thinking about the rent I suggest you get your nearest equivalent Gateway type place and ask to see someone. I did that today and glad I did.

You want to be asking for the HB3 form.

HB3 Form in all its splendor
HB3 Form in all its splendor

You are essentially going to be giving them a 13 week financial forecast. Twice. Once at the beginning as a projected forecast and again in 13 weeks actual earnings for the same period. Rinse and repeat so to speak.

This is why I urge anyone on NEA; if any of you guys who I met in the meetings reading this: We are doing our 12 month forecast anyway. We can use that to do this. This form will fill itself in more or less once the business plan is done.

Its also very handy to know that yes there is help.

Also spent a large portion of my morning busy in the library typing up the first draft of the business plan which I hope I can finish by the end of this week. Then go over and over and over and change, remove and add over the next couple of weeks and really go to town on the 12 month forecast. Fingers crossed I will have something workable in the new year.

Not bad start to the week considering. 


5th Feb 2014

All bask in the glory of my noticeboard.
All bask in the glory of my noticeboard.

5th Feb 2014. I have this date down everywhere. Its my first entry in my 2014 Diary and Calendar. Its on the inside cover of my notebook it is also on my phone and this laptop I am using to type this.

You may have worked out by now 5th Feb 2014 is an important date for me. That is the day I need my business plan submitted by. This will be the day I have to register with HMCR and also be the day my NEA starts and I officially “sign off”. This is the day I’m expected to be ready to start trading.

To be honest… So far so good. I am slightly ahead of what I had planned. The idea was to use this first week to plan out the next seven. If you already have an idea or concept in your head that planning for it always happens quicker than if you have no idea. I know what I need to do. I know where to go to get help now. Yet I kinda knew all this from day one. Thanks to the meetings with Enterprise First I have a clearer concept of what I need to be doing; how to go about it and more importantly who I can turn too when I have questions or need help. The point I am trying to make it; I know what I need to do. Reality is now; its up to me to make it happen.

Today I finally decide who to go to for insurance and for those who just use compare sites… You do so at your own loss. Best quotes I have personally had so far are from Direct Line.

Also today I start my competition checking and price checks. All the fun of typing in my area and various combinations of PC and laptop repair, Data recovery and so forth into Google. But now I have a whole directory of PC shops and services that I plan to annoy for price quotes over the next week. I’m going to be using any email submission/contact form I come across and timing them see how long it takes to answer and how they answer. I somewhat suspect my email inbox is going to be jammed packed with auto-responders for the next couple of weeks.

It was quite weird; I am viewing these websites in a whole new way and one of the great things about today is that I must have seen like 50+ websites so I’m getting a ton of ideas for my own site when it goes live. I can also see for myself what works and what doesn’t. That Facebook like button is absolutely everywhere and its really weird when you see people you know who have clicked like to possible competition. Of course what I need to do is find out from my friends to what made them click Like to begin with. So thanks to Facebook I can find out some pretty important information and it will be found by having coffee with a mate. Sounds good to me!

This was all stuff I had planned for next week. And now by starting early I’ve got a ton of good research in for the website. I have a whole list of the competition and I can start looking at prices now. I more or less have my insurance sorted or at least I have decided on what I’m going for and who with when 5th Feb hits.

Your world ends with you.

When things go broke and you haven’t even started.

If anyone tried to access this blog today. They wouldn’t have got very far. I just had to verify who I was to my webhost and explain what it is I am doing. While waiting for that to happen they switched everything of mine off.

Managed to sort that however. Wouldn’t be reading this I guess if I haven’t…

Today I set out to do some research in the wonders in public liability insurance.  What I thought was a minefield was really quite painless. I started using those compare websites just to get the general feel and now plan to check those companies who aren’t on those price compare sites and see how they stack up.

Worst case situation is i’m looking at about £13 a month which is a lot better than I first thought.

Also been setting out my office space today.

Home Office
Home Office

I have the coolest office ever as I have this behind me.

Handy for stress
Handy for stress


Getting things into motion and pretty much starting as I mean to go on. Tomorrow is discovering who the competition around here is. May make some phone calls…


And Lo. It begins.

I am about to begin the rocky road to self employment. This is my blog of how well I do or don’t do. I do however have some help and on a scheme to assist startups like mine. Here I can share my experiences with these schemes and who knows might even help someone else.

I am currently with Enterprise First and will be on NEA. http://www.enterprisefirst.co.uk/more_info.asp?current_id=172

I will be PC Repairs, networks, builds you know all that kinda thing but also Data recovery and move into Data Management storage and archive but later on down the road. And some hosting; will more than likely do the whole website thing but best keep that to one at a time I feel.

How did I get here? Well to sum up as best I can.

I was on benefit for a good few years. I had an accident that damaged the lower part of my spine they told me in very basic terms; the damage has healed but it has healed wrong. Like the nerves etc have rewired themselves incorrectly.

This led to my redundancy and benefit spiral. I tried to break my own chain roughly a year ago when I first set up DataSafeUK. I did this under no guidance and summer this year I had to undergo a fairly major op on my right eye as my retina had completely fallen away. DataSafeUK stalled before it even began so I pulled the plug the concept.

I also became very negative towards IT in general and even publicly announced I was quitting; stepping away from the IT world for good.

Oh boy; egg on my face or what!

During this time I was in appeal against DWP and ATOS. I’m very sure anyone in the UK knows what I’m talking about; for any overseas reader allow me to grab you a link to explain: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25354881

Long story short: I lost.

This led me to be a JSA claimant which I really didn’t want to be. Quickly assessing my options my biggest strength is my computing skills. Okay maybe not so much a hobby now but certainly its my trade. I asked about self employment and they put me on to Enterprise First. I’ve had three meetings with these guys and now shits just kinda got real.

As of day before yesterday; I have eight weeks to research and build a business plan that is viable to be accepted on to the NEA scheme.

Rest of this week I have spent planning the next seven and thought it might be a grand idea to blog my progress.

I’ve yet to think up the replacement name; hence why there is no domain name yet; but its a work in progress… I have seven and a bit weeks…No pressure or anything…

Anyhoo I have rambled on enough here’s to the journey 🙂