And Lo. It begins.

I am about to begin the rocky road to self employment. This is my blog of how well I do or don’t do. I do however have some help and on a scheme to assist startups like mine. Here I can share my experiences with these schemes and who knows might even help someone else.

I am currently with Enterprise First and will be on NEA.

I will be PC Repairs, networks, builds you know all that kinda thing but also Data recovery and move into Data Management storage and archive but later on down the road. And some hosting; will more than likely do the whole website thing but best keep that to one at a time I feel.

How did I get here? Well to sum up as best I can.

I was on benefit for a good few years. I had an accident that damaged the lower part of my spine they told me in very basic terms; the damage has healed but it has healed wrong. Like the nerves etc have rewired themselves incorrectly.

This led to my redundancy and benefit spiral. I tried to break my own chain roughly a year ago when I first set up DataSafeUK. I did this under no guidance and summer this year I had to undergo a fairly major op on my right eye as my retina had completely fallen away. DataSafeUK stalled before it even began so I pulled the plug the concept.

I also became very negative towards IT in general and even publicly announced I was quitting; stepping away from the IT world for good.

Oh boy; egg on my face or what!

During this time I was in appeal against DWP and ATOS. I’m very sure anyone in the UK knows what I’m talking about; for any overseas reader allow me to grab you a link to explain:

Long story short: I lost.

This led me to be a JSA claimant which I really didn’t want to be. Quickly assessing my options my biggest strength is my computing skills. Okay maybe not so much a hobby now but certainly its my trade. I asked about self employment and they put me on to Enterprise First. I’ve had three meetings with these guys and now shits just kinda got real.

As of day before yesterday; I have eight weeks to research and build a business plan that is viable to be accepted on to the NEA scheme.

Rest of this week I have spent planning the next seven and thought it might be a grand idea to blog my progress.

I’ve yet to think up the replacement name; hence why there is no domain name yet; but its a work in progress… I have seven and a bit weeks…No pressure or anything…

Anyhoo I have rambled on enough here’s to the journey 🙂

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