The Sajir

Pre-Tech PC Services working on board the Sajir.

All Aboard!

Sunday gone, I was called out to help assist the bridge crew of the Sajir to get two of its computer systems back online.

The Sajir from a distance

The Sajir is classed as a HAZ – A cargo ship and is the biggest in her fleet, she certainly was massive.

She needed two computer systems back up and running that were stuck in a loop, lucky enough they had nothing to do with ship navigation or guidance systems.

Sajir sign above the Bridge door.

The problem took a bit more creative thinking than most, the system was stuck in a boot loop if attempting to get into safe mode or simply freezing out if booting normally. A quick fix would have been to format but the system contained a lot of information regarding sea charts and weather systems, so it was quite important to get it all backed up.

The Bridge

Using another drive to boot from, we was able to locate the files causing the problem and deal with it. After a few hours and much testing the computers came back to life and all was good.

Although it was a longer day than normal and had to be more creative with the repair (lack of Wifi was certainly made things interesting!) but the fix was achieved and by 11pm that day the Sajir set sail for its next stop in China.

It was certainly an experience and I would like the thank the crew for being so friendly and welcoming, I wish them well on their travels.

If you want to find out more about the Sajir you can look up its various stats etc here



AussieJax updated website!

AussieJax have updated their website with us!

AussieJax brand new website!

AussieJax Flowers from Southampton have updated their website, this is a more unique job as the owner of AussieJax is in fact my wife 🙂

She wanted bright, bold, colourful and lots of pink. The site is very picture heavy where you can view not only her work but some fab photography skills as well (everything you see is her work).

She had this idea of making her logo into a kind of navigation menu, on the main page the large flower logo is dynamic each of the petals change as you hover on them and also provide links to the other pages. For the rest of the site there is a handy drop down menu in the top corner of the screen for navigation.

So pop along and view her amazing florist skills:

Laser Cut Creations new website!

Laser Cut Creations

New website!
Laser cut Creations

A new small business called Laser Cut Creations has just got its first website from Pre-Tech PC Services.

Its a small website that provides a front end for their eBay listings.

They provide bespoke and unique gifts, puzzles and other cool items all hand made.

You can check them out here.

Behind the scenes, I finally updated the web server to PHP 7 and also been doing minor updates for the Regents Part Preschool site.

We have been taking a lot more website orders these past few months and a lot more service work has been coming our way. If you need yours looked at, contact us today! All details on the contact page.

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