About Me.

Just some random guy on the internet who’s creating his blog as he is about to begin his adventure of self employment.

You want more than that?


Okay; my name is Dave. I have a disability that effects the lower part of my spine. They call it Chronic Pain Syndrome. I took on the full blunt end of the wonderful ATOS and DWP and lost.

My blog will prolly have some of that in it.

And i’m about to start self employment! This blog will serve as a record of my efforts to be my own boss.

Oh… I play the drums also. Prolly gonna have some of that in there too.

And I do archery… Add some of that? Maybe? Who knows?

I write too.

Who know’s maybe I know the secret of lucid dreaming…

Just gonna have to read the blog really aren’t you?

I mean; why do we have “About Me” on personal blogs anyway? The blog is about that person anyway so I figure the whole thing is an “About Me” to begin with.

True or False…”This Sentence is False”

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