Customer Service

A little while ago I showed you all a website I was helping move for an old client.

His site is with a2Hosting but the domain name is with Godaddy. Now anyone who has done this know its nothing more than a name server change and a forward with masking.

It keeps resetting almost daily which isn’t helping and although the client has a month left before renewal, Godaddy decided to park a “YOUR DOMAIN NEEDS RENEWING!” page in place of the forwarding. That was jolly decent of them.

The whole thing has been frustrating and largely unnecessary

okay I am kinda skimming over most of it but the whole thing showed me how bad customer service can be and they just did not seem to offer any real help other than “buy more stuff”.

Hopefully I can do better than those guys. In fact I should aim to better than those guys. Sort of set my benchmark at how badly it can be for the customer.

And once again head back in the figures. I’m still not that completely happy and its just that moment when they get checked is soon. I’m just proving to be an impatient sod.

No change there really.

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