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Data Recovery Special Offer! Patch week for Madhouse!

Data Recovery Special Offer!

Extended Special offer!

We are now running an offer for Data Recovery. Now extended until End of December! (Not including 24th – 26th December).

The offer price is £25 per device. So if you have lost files and need something recovered, now is a fantastic time to get those files back!

Pop along to our website at

Alternatively you can ring us on: 07504268680.

Patch week for Madhouse Descent underway!

By the end of the week, we will be announcing the first update for Madhouse Descent! This should fix a lot of the performance issues and jumping to DX11 should look a lot better.

You can download Madhouse for free, right here!

Meanwhile “Great British Adventure” is still coming along. More updates on that by next week 🙂


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