Great British Adventure

Second Project underway!

Current Working Title:

The Great British Adventure

It is now well underway. The Great British Adventure is now well underway. Although technically just a working title, it is growing in me. It kinda shows the game sillyness and tone before you even start it up.

Great British Adventure
Birds eye view of the main base.

It stars “Fredrick Rockbottom” as he battles the undead and discover why they are here and why are they after our tea?

Great British Adventure
The mission hub

The game has you trying to build a teleport device (hereby known as the “Thingymadoodah device”) to take you to different locations to help rid the zombie invasion.

great british adventure
The ruins behind the base.


There will be more updates soon! You can view the games gallery here.

Madhouse Descent is still in beta! Should you want to try you can download it right now, right here, today!

That aside, we will be running another special offer for Pre-Tech. Watch this space!

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