As it says really. These Keep Calm things are really handy when your stuck for an image…

So Sunday is upon once again and as I plan out my week ahead as the parish magazine adverts have now started with Herald Publishing.

More interesting however is the past month or so. It has certainly been a testing time this is for sure however as I sit here and type on this lazy Sunday afternoon I can not help but smile to myself.

Because I am doing okay.

Clients are coming in steady rate the data recovery services have started to pick up. My head is above water and have some spending money in my pocket which has been spent back into the business.

On this Sunday I can announce Pre-Tech have cloud backup and retrieval options now available.

Also keeping the flat “up-front” fee rate for majority of the work so clients known exactly how much everything is with no extras or hidden costs added on.

I have also managed to get the Jobcentre and DWP to play ball. I am back on the NEA scheme and they still did not get access to the customer records they originally asked for. I know I am a very small fish against the DWP but I stuck to my guns on this one. Pre-Tech can now promise we look after your data as the DWP tried to get it and I told them to go do one and I kept telling them to go do one and I will keep telling them and everybody else to keep doing one.

Its also today, this Sunday I am looking at the travesty that is my own site and the lack of work done on it, this is the week I plan on changing that so please keep your eye on the main site 😉

Also had some loss this month, but time is a healer who knows what the future will bring.

All that aside I hope you all have a fab Sunday.

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