Back to being busy!

It wasn’t easy trying to find a stock photo for the word ‘busy’

So today was the day I was meant to phone the doctors to arrange my next appointment to learn he’s off on holiday. So now a more agonizing wait til the guy is back but at least I am the first one on his list to be seen when he is back. I at least made sure of that and got busy back into work.

I have also been busy with the DWP and Jobcentre+ with what happened the other day. Next Tuesday I have been asked to go to the local Jobcentre where this happened and I am booked to see a manager. Some guy called Glen. I will be sure to let you know how it goes 🙂

However Pre-Tech is gladly starting to pick up momentum and been keeping me busy! I should however be busy with my own website which is still in dire need of doing but I am happy to say work has kept me busy with new clients.

The Data Recovery side has started to see some use and glad when one of my new clients left today very satisfied and said I gave an excellent service that he will recommend to everyone.

I feel pretty chuffed about that 🙂

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