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This caption space is for rent.

As of yesterday finally started to dip my toes in to the wonderful world of advertising. Trying to Google out as many free ways as possible.

From social media to phone directories. Anything I could think of to advertise in I am pretty much going for.

This has of course led to various advertising agencies contacting me and for the first time found myself in the position where I am haggling deals for advertising without over stretching the budget.

There is one I am paying for, two that require a donation and the rest currently are free. Here are the links to the ones so far:




Totally Free Ads

Small Business Ads


That last one also gets me in the Yellow Pages and 118 247. This leaves the various local facebays to advertise on which I hope to get done by tomorrow.

Clients have started to pick up and I have had my first business to business client. To which I am currently doing a website for but more on that one later 🙂

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