Furthering the joys of taxation

Well, better than stock photography of a pound sign and a pie chart?

Today I had a meeting with now one of my mentors a Mister Andrew Pringle (Yes, I went to see A. Pringle. I’m somewhat sure he hasn’t heard that one before…)

Now that I have indeed been accepted on to the NEA scheme itself there is still an awful lot of paperwork that needs to be sorted. This week I hope to get as much done as possible.

Today I spent quite awhile on the delightful gov.uk website. Filled in my forms to begin the whole self assessment thing for tax and National Insurance etc etc.

This whole self assessment tax thing is new ground for me but thankfully appears to be quite painless. But then again I’ve just started I have yet to do an actual tax return yet. But so far so good.

Also been told to apply for tax credits so about to do that one and this week I hope to have my HB3 handed in.

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