Getting back in the swing of things

So I took this weekend off technically. You know when you needed to recharge and in danger of becoming a glass half empty person rather than a glass half full.

But now its a new week I can face head on with a bit more ompth! Signed on this morning in what is technically my second to last signing on day. So should hopefully hear back from the assessor this week and good to sign off next signing on.

Scary stuff!

This week I hope to have my HB3 form handed in. Just going to wait to hear back with business plan as I can use my 12 month forecast off that for their 3 month forecast they asking for at Southampton Gateway.

Also need to look at ways to help with prescriptions as I am given pain killers for the back. Going to make sure I see the doctor at least once before I sign off.

I also have hospital soon as well. In one of my first posts I mentioned I had an op on the right eye. Basically my retina fell off and had a gas bubble inserted into my eye which slowly dissolved over the course of a month. That was August last year and still on going being checked regularly as it was identified as quite a large rip.

In fact the guy who did the final assessment on my eye was apparently the countries leading guy on retinas and he said it was the biggest rip he has seen in his career.

I have another operation to come yet as the eye with the bubble will over the course of next 18 months form a cataract. They are waiting for this form completely and then swap the eye lenses.

This will be the closest someone like me gets to being Robocop…


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