Lockdown v2.0

As of November the 5th the UK goverment called a nationwide lockdown.

Albeit not as restrictive as the first one, there are still many people who have to isoloate or shield because of this.
Here are a few popular apps to keep in contact with friends, family and loved ones:

Facebook Messenger:If you have a Facebook account, chances are you have this already. This app allows for free text, audio and video calls to other Facebook Messenger users. This can be downloaded to your phone or tablet for free. If you use Facebook on your computer, you already have access to this via the Facebook page, where you would normally recieve messages. Computer users can video call phone users and vice versa.

WhatsApp:Also owned by Facebook. Primary a phone app which is free to download can also be used for text, video and audio calls. If you have a WhatsApp account, you access WhatsAppWeb on your computer. Go here: https://web.whatsapp.com/ and follow the instructions.

Skype/Teams:This is Microsofts alternative. Both usable on your PC and Phone etc, again offers free text / audio and video calls to other users of the same App. Bare in mind you can buy credits for Skype which allows you to make phone calls to landlines, but is free to call other Skype users.

There are many apps out there that allow free calls, but those were the more popular choices and chances are you already use them and so will most other people out there. These Apps are free to use and download but if you are using a phone it is recommended you connect to your homes wifi then it wont cost you any of your phones credit or internet allowence.

In the meantime PreTech PC Services will offer its normal services but for the time being will not be offering its call out services to keep everybody safe. You are still welcome to arrange a date and time to drop equipment off and should you require PreTech can offer remote services.
If you require any help feel free to drop us message,
Take care and stay safe 🙂