Updates and other projects, 1 Tantrum 2 many.

What we have been up to

It has been quite a long time since I have posted here and although it appears not much has been happening it has infact been the complete opposite. Aside the normal work we do, we have teamed up with others to produce a web series 1 Tantrum 2 Many.

1 tantrum 2 many
1 Tantrum 2 Many

First, rest assurred Pre-Tech isnt or hasn’t gone anywhere. Since the last post, work has certainly picked up which is one of the main reasons we havent been posting here as time simply hasnt allowed me to.

We have taken on more ship and schools aswell as small businesses who need help with either their IT or web hosting etc. We have seen an increase in the private / home user sector with a wide range of computer issues we have been able to help with.


Last year saw our first RetroGameBlast which was a one day event helping raise money for SpecialEffect, we intend to do the same again soon, although we may have missed the boat on a full event for 2020 we still aim to do something and hope to host again in 2021.

One of the other things is as previously mentioned is “1 Tantrum 2 Many” which has become a side project of ours. Its a comedy page in a nutshell, its for parents by parents, not only a place of advice but somewhere to vent. The page includes stories, videos and jokes. One of the main things I am involved with is the production of Audio and Videos that go on the page. I will be involved in setting up the website at somepoint in its future, I also star in many of the videos too! One of the other things it covers is game style reviews of a series we have coined “Best Worst”.

You can currently find 1 Tantrum 2 Many on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.