Another website goes live!

Boutique de Fleur website now live!

Another happy website customer now has their lovely website. Made by Pre-Tech  🙂

You can visit the site  here:

If your small business needs a website or  you have an old website that needs a revamp, contact us today and we’ll do our best to match whatever it is you want to your website to be 🙂

New Game Release for Easter!

New game release for Easter!


Todd Bunny’s Easter Adventure!

Meet Todd!

This is the first release of Easter Adventure on PC. Its a free game from Pre-Tech designed especially  for  children out in time for Easter.

Guide Todd and help him find all 30 of the Easter Eggs that have been hidden by the nasty trolls.

Princess bunny needs Todd to find all the eggs so she can have her Easter party!

Have fun in Todd’s colorful world.

This is version 1.0 so expect “some ” bugs,  nothing game breaking has been discovered through play testing.

On the same subject, Great British Adventure is still ongoing and taking a lot longer than we first anticipated.  We are however committed to getting it released as soon as it is ready however.

So, if you would like to join Todd on his adventure, you can grab it from the main Pre-Tech site here  or  if you would rather a direct download you can go here.

We are also undergoing another project to raise awareness of online safety. We will be looking for beta testers on that one in the next few months.

Watch this space 🙂