New Version of Madhouse now ready to download :)

Madhouse update ready for download



Grab it today, its free!

Madhouse Descent’s newest update is now ready for you to download, completely free! You can grab it from here.

Albeit this version has taken a very long time to get out there, I have been slowly working through it and here it is ready to play 🙂

Madhouse itself has been a lot longer in development than I originally anticipated. A lot of what I wanted to do has never really made it in to the final version of the game. I know it is never going to set the world alight and once you have done it, its done so to speak. But it was fun and I have a few more bigger and better ideas I hope to realize soon.

Great British Adventure is slowly taking shape and another I hope to get “out the door” soon. There is also a third project specially for the little ones in your life that is near enough there. It just requires my poor suffering other half to do the voice over work for the bunny princesses (yes, you read that right…)

So without further ado, pop along to the main site, grab yourself a download of Madhouse Descent and (hopefully) enjoy.

A pen and paper might help.


Another happy customer :)

Another happy customer!

Which is always a good thing 🙂
Customer laptop on the left is about to start reinstalling Windows. The laptop on the right is a works laptop dealing with the clients backup.

A returning client brought me a laptop recently to have Windows reinstalled and also a backup of all her work.

I liked this one as it went completely without a hitch, so happy customer and happy me! 🙂

A Windows re installation service only cosrs £25 with Pre-Tech. This includes backup, all updates, drivers and re-installation of any other program you may use as well as making sure your virus software is back on and up to date.

So, if you need Windows redone. Contact us today and you can be a happy customer too! 🙂