Madhouse Update released!

Madhouse Descent first update

Now available!

Its finally here! The update for Madhouse Descent has finally been released.

The downside is the maze has been removed until further notice so this is still classed as beta. A couple more things need to be ironed out so hopefully the next update will be the full release 🙂

You can download the release here. Or pop along to the main site at 🙂

Feel free to download and try it out, feedback welcome 🙂

Not such a quiet month.

Although it looks like I went quiet…

Its been manic!


Just a quick update to say hi! Although not much appears to have been happening this month it has been far from quiet!

Pre-Tech has had an influx of customers since new year and been working my way through those. Another bunch of happy customers! 🙂

This has slowed down the gaming side of things. Great British Adventure and the Madhouse update are still being developed, albeit much more slowly than I would have liked but I am still hoping to dedicate some more time to them soon.