Busy Weekend!

Going to be a busy weekend

Black Friday deals!

From today until this Sunday (29th) at 7pm we will be running a Black Friday offer. That’s 10% discount across all our services this weekend. This includes Data Recovery and website services πŸ™‚

Pop along to the contact page and book us before time runs out πŸ™‚

For a complete list of services check out the main website here.

Saturday Fair!

This weekend on Saturday (28th) we will be at All Saint’s Church Hall in Millbrook. We will be there with AussieJax and JD Box Art.

So if your passing and have some computer issue you want to talk about or just want to check us out, Feel free to stop by between 12 and 5pm πŸ™‚

Pre-Tech Gaming Department

There has been a delay in Madhouse’s first patch. We have greatly improved the performance but a few things have broke along the way. We really want to iron these bugs out before releasing the update so we thank you for your patience,

The Great British Adventure is coming along! We have a couple of development screenies for you!

great british adventure
Foggy and dark…
great british adventure
Night time behind the wall…
A shot from inside the editor. You can see the road map being built.
A shot from inside the editor. You can see the road map being built.

The screen shots above are from the second large section of the game. That will be a city when its finished!

The game itself will be broken into 6 sections. Sections 1,3 and 5 will take place in the main base before setting out into the larger sections.

Section 2 is a jungle island. Aside some cosmetic changes this area is done.

Section 4 (what you see above) will be a ruined city and is very much a work in progress.

Section 6: TBC πŸ˜‰

Hopefully more of an update next week and hopefully a patch!

Have a fab weekend πŸ™‚

Data Recovery Special Offer! Patch week for Madhouse!

Data Recovery Special Offer!

Extended Special offer!

We are now running an offer for Data Recovery. Now extended until End of December! (Not including 24th – 26th December).

The offer price is £25 per device. So if you have lost files and need something recovered, now is a fantastic time to get those files back!

Pop along to our website at http://pre-tech.co.uk.

Alternatively you can ring us on: 07504268680.

Patch week for Madhouse Descent underway!

By the end of the week, we will be announcing the first update for Madhouse Descent! This should fix a lot of the performance issues and jumping to DX11 should look a lot better.

You can download Madhouse for free, right here!

Meanwhile “Great British Adventure” is still coming along. More updates on that by next week πŸ™‚


Second Project underway!

Current Working Title:

The Great British Adventure

It is now well underway. The Great British Adventure is now well underway. Although technically just a working title, it is growing in me. It kinda shows the game sillyness and tone before you even start it up.

Great British Adventure
Birds eye view of the main base.

It stars “Fredrick Rockbottom” as he battles the undead and discover why they are here and why are they after our tea?

Great British Adventure
The mission hub

The game has you trying to build a teleport device (hereby known as the “Thingymadoodah device”) to take you to different locations to help rid the zombie invasion.

great british adventure
The ruins behind the base.


There will be more updates soon! You can view the games gallery here.

Madhouse Descent is still in beta! Should you want to try you can download it right now, right here, today!

That aside, we will be running another special offer for Pre-Tech. Watch this space!