Madhouse in Beta and next project underway.

Madhouse Descent is in beta!

Download it today!

That is right!  Madhouse Descent is now in public beta phase, anyone is now welcome to download and “have a go” and we are looking for feedback. For those wanting to test, please read the included readme file in the download zip.

For those wanting to get the beta you can download it here today!

And yes, you did read right. The next project is underway.

Introducing: (working title)

The Great British Adventure

great british adventure
The base island

The zombies are attacking! And this time… They are after our Tea! (The rotters…)

Its up to Fredrick Rockbottom to save the day as he battles the undead to save blighty and more importantly, his cuppa.

great british adventure
The teleport device in all its glory.
  • Includes quest areas and run and gun missions.
  • 250% More Tallyhos.
  • Clown zombies.
  • A guy called Rockbottom!
  • 1000% More wotwot!
  • Tea!
  • 75% More Tweed!
  • Did we say clown zombies?
  • Polite zombies!
great british adventure
The very unbritish jungle.

Watch this space!

Lots happening! New website and Beta release!

Pre-Tech new website has gone live!

Madhouse Descent has now gone public beta!


Madhouse Descent
Beta now live!

Pre-Tech now has it’s redesigned website go live! You can view that here.

Also, Madhouse Descent has moved into Public Beta testing stage! If you fancy helping or just fancy a go, its here.

There is a ReadMe included in the zip file, I suggest you give that a quick read. All feedback should go to or simply use the contact page 🙂

Another new website goes live this week JD Box Art have a look at what they have to offer 🙂


A small blip and we are kinda there!

Madhouse Descent

First Test version available on Friday.


madhouse descent
What lurks in the shadows..?

After a bit of blip with the final section of the game not working properly, we have finally made some progress in wrapping up Madhouse Descent for its first testing session.

madhouse descent
The lab… and the final room…

There are still some bugs that need squashing however and this is where we need the testers help. You guys who have already signed up will be getting an email or message over the next couple of days with a download link. If you are interested in helping out, contact us and we will be back in touch.

madhouse descent
Meet Priscilla. She isn’t happy…

Once we have got rid as many of the bugs we can, Madhouse Descent will be available as a free download.

We also have another two projects just starting so watch this space 🙂

madhouse decscent
The exit door… You just need that passcode…

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