Edges a little bit closer…

Madhouse Descent is nearly here…

A few last minutes bits left to do.

The layout is done and all the sound and graphic assets are now in place. The puzzles are all in and working. All that leaves is making the loading screens and fixing one very annoying game crashing bug.

madhouse decsent

So what is the game all about?

Its a small horror/puzzle game. Your aim is to escape.

There will be traps and puzzles and things wanting to kill you. You have no guns.

There will be clues to where you are, whats going on and clues to help solve the puzzles. If you can find them πŸ˜‰

madhouse descent
Keep running!

Once it’s ready, the games webpage will be updated with more information and the game itself will be free! As its our first game project there will not be a price to download just an optional donate button if you feel inclined to help us with the next project.

Yes, there will be more so watch this space πŸ™‚

Also planning an entire website overhaul so keep your eye on that in the coming weeks πŸ™‚

Don’t let this happen to you…

Moving closer to testing phase!

Madhouse Descent is getting closer.

Testing stage beginning soon!
Madhouse Descent
Looming over the courtyard.

Well underway with Madhouse Descent. With most of the major elements now in place it shouldn’t take much longer before it begins its public testing stage.

Some of you have already shown an interest to help with this period of testing. I will be contacting you all nearer the time with hopefully a download link πŸ˜‰

Madhouse Descent
Overlooking the courtyard

If you would like to test the game yourself when its ready, please use the contact page and drop us a line. We will contact you back with more information.

Don’t forget we still do fix your computers as well πŸ™‚

Check our services page for prices and services offered and contact us today so we can help you πŸ™‚

Madhouse Descent getting there!

Madhouse Descent

Its getting closer than you think…
Madhouse Descent
Not a place you want to visit for holidays

Madhouse Descent is getting closer to being completed. Keep your eye on the game page of the site for more information (will be updating soon with story and concept. Aswell as more screenies.)

Madhouse Descent
The Graveyard.

The game has four distinct sections and the first is complete!

Although the entire map has been completed the next three sections need to be populated with the traps and puzzles to make the game what it is.

Madhouse Descent
Meet Bert. He isn’t friendly.

We are looking for people to test early versions of the game to make sure we get all the bugs and get a general idea of the range of systems it can run on.

If you are interested drop us a line via the contact page and we will get back to you.

At this moment in time the game is only been designed to run on Windows. Or WINE on Linux systems.

Game aside we still provide our normal system support and repairs so if you are having problems drop us a line today and we will do our best to help you!