Post Christmas and New Year Specials!

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas! As we are now in the run up to New Year and the final few days of 2014 this is the last chance to take advantage of our special offers!

Happy new year!
New Year Specials!

If you have missed them, you can see our specials here and here.

Take advantage of this New Year special offer! Do you have a new PC/Laptop or gadget that Santa left you and you need a hand setting it all up or just need to know how to use it? £20 for a complete setup and we’ll also check the device over and make sure everything is working how it should.

We at Pre-Tech PC Services hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and a very happy, merry and safe New Year.

Christmas Shut Down

Christmas shut down
But did he blow away?

Pre-Tech PC Services is on Christmas shut down. We will be closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We will reopen again until Until New Years Eve and New Years Day and normal service will resume after.

Pre-Tech PC Services would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Don’t forget to leave him a mince pie!

More Christmas Specials!

Adding on from the last Christmas specials. Which you can read about here. We are adding more specials to the list!

PC Snowman
Its snowing, PC bits!

£15 (+component price) Hardware upgrades! This excludes Motherboard and/or case swaps.

£20 Operating System re-installation. This includes a system health check.

These promotional deals run until 2nd Jan. So don’t delay!