More happy customers!

Another happy customer has let me post up the machine I have just recently worked on for them.

Happy customer
Happy Customer!

This machine was a custom build that the customer wanted me to check over.

Aside a couple of niggles there was nothing really wrong with the system and went home ready to be wrapped for their son for Christmas Day!

About a year ago…

About a year ago I found myself on the wonders of Job Seekers Allowance, signing on and no real direction of where I was headed. I just had a major operation on my eye and living a single life in the city center.

One year
One year later…

It wasn’t my current (at the time) “client adviser” at JobCenter Plus who put me forward for Enterprise First. I did initially ask about self employment but just got me this long blank stare. It was the week she was sick and I had to see some other guy who put me on the right path.

One year later and here I am, self employed and living with my now better half. Just started my driving lessons and very soon will have the cataract removed.

What a year this has been!