Time for two sites to merge!

Have to say I quite like WordPress. You can see this blog is a wordpress site and although its only currently using one of its base themes, I kinda like the layout. But now its time for a change.  I am going to merge the current Pre-Tech into the same site as this blog.

Time to merge!

Which means you’ll start to see a lot of new changes on the blog as the new content gets added.

At some point will look into doing a custom layout but first I think to just  get the content in while I merge the two sites. Both the Pre-Tech.co.uk and PreTechBlog.co.uk will still work. At somepoint however when the service pages go up on the blog, the Pre-Tech link will point there instead.

Of course lots of other bells and whistles will be added along the way while I work on the merge. But I think this will be a good idea in the long run.

Rather than having two separate websites the whole thing will be on one site and all nice and neat!

If its broken don’t bin it! Donate it!

If you have old, broken or past it computers or laptops taking up space which you don’t know what to do with. Or maybe you are about to take them to the dump and let them go peacefully to calculator heaven? Or just about to leave it at the front of the house hoping some dude on a bike will be along shortly and take it away?

Broken computer
I reckon if I try a reinstall?

Instead consider donating it Pre-Tech! We have started a project that requires dead hardware and I am not talking about taking the working bits out of five to make one good one.

I want dead parts.

I want your dud graphic cards, your fried motherboards, your “opps maybe I shouldn’t have overclocked it that much” CPU’s. Anything is a consideration.

So before you send your broken parts off to the great skip in the sky, drop us a line.

We’ll even pick it up for you.


New internal project!

In any small business there are slow days. Days where nothing happens. It happens, anyone self employed will know these days and will happen largely in your first year or two of trading. For the past couple of months I have however been drawing up plans for a project that can fill up this dead space. Pre-Tech will be working on a new indie game title 🙂

game idea
I’m this happens in the EA game idea department.

Without giving too much away at the moment (I want the game to be at decent enough stage to provide screen shots/videos etc first) this could be the first time I start looking to hire for extra help for certain aspects on the game project itself. Concept and flow as well as some concept art are already in place, its now getting to the stage where I will have to start making the thing on the computer and its quite an exciting time as its a test of ones own skills and treading in areas of computing I have not really dabbled in before.

Of course this is the secondary part of Pre-Tech. The game will have to take a back seat to my main work but its nice to know I do have something to be working on when that work is slow. And if all goes according to plan I have already just secured my next website client; another local business start up so hopefully more great things there! They currently have a facebook page set up, pop along and give them your support and your likes! iSparkle.