Snowed under never felt so good

Snowed under
This never happens in the UK

Been nearly a whole month since my last update!

Totally did not mean for that happen but when things and stuff happen. Unsure if I recommend it or not.

But all is good been busy doing what I do best it has however taken me from my own websites (again) and this blog (again) and for that I really must say sorry to anyone reading this blog thinking “hes buggered off…”

I haven’t. Truth is have been snowed under in not just work. The mess that is Southampton Gateway is still messing me about and because of this getting hassle off the landlord so still looking to move and the past two weeks had friends staying on my sofa and trying to help rehouse them

Lucky enough we have found him a place and moving out either today (Friday) or Monday after the weekend.

I have never been able to sit idle if someone I know is genuinely needing help. Help should be proactive and this is what I try to achieve for all my friends.

But over the weekend I can slowly get my place back to normality and keep doing what I do best 🙂

I do however enjoy being busy in what I am doing and with that I am off to a client 🙂