Handy links and listing part 2

Listing Links
Well. Stock photo for this wasn’t easy

As I have been trying to add myself to as many free listings as possible. Thought best to share what I have been finding.

Applegate www.applegate.co.uk
Pinbud www.pinbud.co.uk
City Listings www.city-listings.co.uk
Scoot www.scoot.co.uk
Cylex UK www.cylex-uk.co.uk
BizBuzz www.bizbuzz.com
Qype UK www.qype.co.uk
Local Data Search www.localdatasearch.com
Touch Local www.touchlocal.com
Biz Wiki UK www.bizwiki.co.uk
Hotfrog UK www.hotfrog.co.uk
192.com www.192.com
118.com www.118.com
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com
Yelp www.yelp.co.uk
Yell www.yell.com
BrownBook www.brownbook.net
Opendi www.opendi.co.uk
FreeBD www.freebd.co.uk
B99 b99.co.uk
Enter UK www.enteruk.co.uk
UK Local Search www.uk-local-search.co.uk
Look Trade www.look-trade.co.uk
Business Line Directory www.businesslinedirectory.com

I am still adding myself to all of these. However other places to list yourself for free and where I am currently listed (this is getting added to however).


Friday Ad

Free Ads

Yell.com/Yellow Pages/Hibu

Totally Free Local Ads

Small Business Ads


Free Index

Southampton Online Guide

Not forgetting the various Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

And cannot stress this last one enough…

Google Places

And get a Google listing page like this one: Pre-Tech’s Google Plus Page.


Joys of landlords and moving

Since last post it appears the whole moving thing has moved up a notch. Specifically as it appears I am with a landlord who only wants benefit/dss people. Since I have had to start paying full rent from my own my pocket…

We’ll ignore how awfully overpriced the property is. Local council/Gateway will pay more if its via the homeless prevention street team, although even they admit in their own correspondence that the properties are overpriced when assessing the benefit claim. However catch 22 here is; they don’t pay and the new tenant may face homelessness again. So it gets paid.

The other issue is that its a typical inner city private landlord. Flats are in dire need of a decent repair. From door locks to the piping.

We will ignore the fact that my landlord has dealt with this in the following manner. Although he already knew I was setting up as self employed as he had to know. The moment Housing Benefit etc stopped he immediately responded with this by sending his “boy” round to say hi.

Since then I have had three visits from this guy and constant barrage of phone calls. Pointless running around. And I’m not even in arrears.

Sort of how I feel

Of course best thing for me to do is just get out and get with a proper letting agent now I have the means and put this whole way of life behind me.

So if anyone knows of any one bedroom/studio flats going in the South, feel free to message me!

Of course Pre-Tech still rocks on. Been continuing the listings and finally sorted out my Google Places page.

Its also nice to see an increase of both traffic and clients coming in.

More of this and everything is getting there and a nice steady rate now. I am however still awaiting a phone call off DWP and JobCentre+ to see how I am doing. Maybe I should ring them.

Busy…Moving and benefit free.

Again, sorry for the delayed update. Has been an interesting couple of weeks to be sure. But if anything has happened, it looks like i’m moving.

Moving has never been so much fun!

In a nutshell. Business is started to go well. Very well in fact. Its what has been keeping me from updating the blog and my own website. To my own shame. I am still here. Just busy but in a good way.

The off shot of this is I am now earning enough to come off the housing benefit system. Anyone who knows me knows the flat and know it isn’t anywhere near what the asking price is in all honesty. So I figure if I’m paying full now and I can afford to now, I want somewhere nice. So I have been busy looking into moving and I have a view tomorrow morning and shall remind myself to take pics and post accordingly.

Now I hate moving but I figure to do it now while the business is still young and get that all sorted before more work (which I hope happens anyway) start pouring in.

The other bonus is I have been able to replace the laptop for something brand spanking new and a ton of other stuff I need and now been able to do most of what I need without taking out a loan. Things are definitely moving up and I very intend to keep on going.

Spreadsheets, Databases and taking orders!

Here we are nearly at the end of my prestart month. Been a bit quiet this week as I’ve been busy running around getting everything sorted. That left all the fun of doing the Database and Spreadsheets etc.

Still no idea why she quit?

Now all the legal paperwork etc is done, liabilities sorted etc that left sorting things out my end. Now I have started my advertising and most of that has started now, I have yet to do Facebay however. Kinda intending that asap.

The Yellow Pages/Yell.com ad is now live also.

But now I am pretty confident everything is in place to start. Just getting word out now.