Eye Eye

Have been in hospital as an outpatient for them to check over my right eye. Although I have mentioned this before I shall recap as best I can.

Last August my Retina fell off.

Found a video to hopefully explain it better than what I can.

For me this resulted in two operations on my right eye. The first was just lasering the tear. I was told then by the retina eye guy that this is the biggest tear he has seen. Filled me with hope…

I was booked to come back within the week to check to see if the scaring has taken and how the healing is going. I was on route to that said second appointment when I lost all sight in that eye totally.

I managed to get  there okay and said to the receptionist what had just happened. To her credit she was pretty spot on she called through for a nurse to see me asap and that’s pretty much what happened.

They had to ultrasound the eye. What happened is that the tear re-tore itself and my eye had filled with blood.

I had the operation that evening. They drained the eye this was followed by reattaching the retina to the back of the eye and finally had a gas bubble inserted. The gas bubble was to slowly dissolve and for about six weeks all I could see was my bubble even with that eye shut.

All done on a local may I add.

This will result in a third op as what they did to repair the retina will cause a cataract to form. Its just a case of it forming and then it’ll be removed.

I have oddness in that eye now I have just been told to grim and bear. Ocular Migraine like effects, haloing and oddly my eye flashes when I get an SMS come through on the phone. Odd shimmering effects more so when in the dark. I have new glasses that help no end for working with computers as without them I don’t think I could. But I can so all is good 🙂

Furthering the joys of taxation

Well, better than stock photography of a pound sign and a pie chart?

Today I had a meeting with now one of my mentors a Mister Andrew Pringle (Yes, I went to see A. Pringle. I’m somewhat sure he hasn’t heard that one before…)

Now that I have indeed been accepted on to the NEA scheme itself there is still an awful lot of paperwork that needs to be sorted. This week I hope to get as much done as possible.

Today I spent quite awhile on the delightful gov.uk website. Filled in my forms to begin the whole self assessment thing for tax and National Insurance etc etc.

This whole self assessment tax thing is new ground for me but thankfully appears to be quite painless. But then again I’ve just started I have yet to do an actual tax return yet. But so far so good.

Also been told to apply for tax credits so about to do that one and this week I hope to have my HB3 handed in.

Busy Busy Busy

Has been a couple of days longer than expected between posting but have been quite busy for one reason…

My business plan has been accepted.

I now have I think roughly two weeks to get everything set up. Still working on websites and have settled on this one http://pertech.org.uk/pertech

Figured to visit the local tax office and learnt they had moved so I figure I will do that all online and just ring if I get stuck.

Also been chasing up whereabouts I can advertise cheaply. From shop windows to parish magazines.

Has Logo!

Once he has his page up to link to I cant quite credit the guy who designed my logo for me so expect links soon.

However; here we go first unveiling of the logo…

(Drum roll)

logo design
PerTech PC Service

It is currently on the site here: http://pertech.org.uk/pertech/

Also today saw a business adviser today at Enterprise First. Confusingly he pointed out some issues that the previous guy hasn’t although nothing major at the moment. Has certainly given me a lot to think about.

Getting back in the swing of things

So I took this weekend off technically. You know when you needed to recharge and in danger of becoming a glass half empty person rather than a glass half full.

But now its a new week I can face head on with a bit more ompth! Signed on this morning in what is technically my second to last signing on day. So should hopefully hear back from the assessor this week and good to sign off next signing on.

Scary stuff!

This week I hope to have my HB3 form handed in. Just going to wait to hear back with business plan as I can use my 12 month forecast off that for their 3 month forecast they asking for at Southampton Gateway.

Also need to look at ways to help with prescriptions as I am given pain killers for the back. Going to make sure I see the doctor at least once before I sign off.

I also have hospital soon as well. In one of my first posts I mentioned I had an op on the right eye. Basically my retina fell off and had a gas bubble inserted into my eye which slowly dissolved over the course of a month. That was August last year and still on going being checked regularly as it was identified as quite a large rip.

In fact the guy who did the final assessment on my eye was apparently the countries leading guy on retinas and he said it was the biggest rip he has seen in his career.

I have another operation to come yet as the eye with the bubble will over the course of next 18 months form a cataract. They are waiting for this form completely and then swap the eye lenses.

This will be the closest someone like me gets to being Robocop…