Social Media, This is my Soapbox

Today I took a break from Business Plans and Cash Flows to work on that other thing.

You know it well
You know it well

Social Media.

Now this blog serves purpose. Telling everyone what I am up to to begin forming that word of mouth. Idea being that people will hopefully share. More or less every post I make goes out over Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin with that sole purpose in mind. Just get myself out there.

Social Media is now so ingrained into everything Facebook is now getting used as a verb. “I’ll ring you…” is slowly being replaced with “I’ll facebook you…” gives an idea how widespread it really is.

Personally I dislike the idea and concept behind Facebook. Too many people seem willing to show their entire life to just about anyone takes away those few precious moments we have as once they go on Facebook etc they aren’t yours anymore. They belong to everyone in a sense. For some stuff okay but for everything?

It amazes me the amount of people who click Like on just about anything. Those prize draw things for example. Its generally accepted that most of these aren’t prize draws and yet everyone “Shares” their chance to win to something when in reality its doing nothing more than free advertising for the ones hosting the “prize draw”.

Coke Cola have this down to a fine art with their name thing on the side of bottles. Why pay millions for advertising when people will gladly take a picture of their name on the side of a Coke bottle and upload to it to Facebook.

I am possibly having a rant…
I am still trying to finish my Linkedin profile…


Customer Service

A little while ago I showed you all a website I was helping move for an old client.

His site is with a2Hosting but the domain name is with Godaddy. Now anyone who has done this know its nothing more than a name server change and a forward with masking.

It keeps resetting almost daily which isn’t helping and although the client has a month left before renewal, Godaddy decided to park a “YOUR DOMAIN NEEDS RENEWING!” page in place of the forwarding. That was jolly decent of them.

The whole thing has been frustrating and largely unnecessary

okay I am kinda skimming over most of it but the whole thing showed me how bad customer service can be and they just did not seem to offer any real help other than “buy more stuff”.

Hopefully I can do better than those guys. In fact I should aim to better than those guys. Sort of set my benchmark at how badly it can be for the customer.

And once again head back in the figures. I’m still not that completely happy and its just that moment when they get checked is soon. I’m just proving to be an impatient sod.

No change there really.

Another Day yet Unlike any Other.

Got back into the swing of things today.

Been going over my cash flow and profit and loss spreadsheets and so far I think so good. Going to get all this hopefully checked over in the new year.

Still unsure of name and what to write in the Executive Summery section but I do have some time left so I think I’m gonna be okay.


And also today I find one of my dearest friends in quite a bad situation. So; talking to you now hun… I would go as far as publicly announce on this blog that you have all my support. I promise you that and you know who you are 😉

Another Day Off :)

Had another day away as I was able to spend afternoon with bestie and had a rather nice meal 🙂

Its good to know how many of my close friends are supporting me through this phase.

To you all. Especially today, you know who you are 😉

Thank you.

Back to the grind tomorrow tho…